The Reunion Island


Professional hotel school of the Renaissance

Profile and activities

Located in the Plateau Caillou district in Saint-Paul, this public high school welcomed in 2019 nearly 700 students supervised by 86 teachers.

It offers training in the three sectors of the hotel industry: cooking, service and accommodation, from the CAP to the BTS via the STHR Professional and Technological Baccalaureate.

The school organizes no less than 6 experimentation and application laboratories in cooking/service, pastry and bakery work every day.

Within the framework of European partnerships with ERASMUS+, the school collaborates with various training establishments. As such, delegations are received at the school and in turn young people and teachers go abroad. Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria, fruitful exchanges that build the citizens of tomorrow.


Visiting the school's Facebook page will make your mouth water by discovering the achievements of the students, and will be inspired by the journey of Chloé, a former student who opened her own restaurant.

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