The Reunion Island


The photovoltaic greenhouses of Jean-Bernard Gonthier

Profile and activities

Mgarden of heart and profession, Jean-Bernard Gonthier is a committed farmer (Vice-president of theUPNA –United for our farmers, President of the Reunion Chamber of Agriculture from 2013 to 2019, co-listier of Huguette Bello, President of the Réunion Region, at the 2021 Regionals) who produces vegetables and tropical fruits according to the principles of organic market gardening in Saint Joseph.

VSmade up of 14 200 m2 of photovoltaic panels, supplying electricity to 1,000 households, vsette realization developed by the company Akuo Energy contributes to the reduction of the emission of 1538.92 tons of CO² (2014 figures). Un set of 12 photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses resistant to tropical cyclones on a total footprint of 2.82 hectares.
Inscribed within the framework of this symbiosis with photovoltaic panels, she vegetable farm is the fifth of its kind (dozens of solar projects are supported by Akuo all over the world, including 4 in Reunion).

Jean-Bernard Gonthier, who made his land available, manages the agricultural part.

Akuo, who made his greenhouses available (without requesting financial compensation), manages the solar part.

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