GRAINES D'ESPOIR accompanies young people aged 10 to 25 in thinking about the challenges of the future by offering them the opportunity to be the authors of the stories themselves.

Trained and supervised by professionals, they use cameras and microphones and tell about the innovative initiatives encountered in their territory, while carrying out actions in the field.

This ambitious project brings together, without casting, through encounters, young people from 4 countries and 8 territories from the north and south of the planet, from rural and urban areas.

Exchanges, experiences between the different territories are carried out to understand the diversities and convergences of each other, with the aim of creating a universal conscience.

The Steps
  • What relationship do we have with our youth, here and now?
  • How can children and young people remain authors and actors of their lives, in all circumstances, in all conditions? 

Author director of several films released in cinemas, as well as about thirty documentaries for television, Pierre Beccu Since 1997, it has been carrying out cinema initiatives in parallel with the younger generations, for a new artistic and civic commitment.

In the method now supported by the association " 6labs – child mediators », everything starts from a strong perception of nature and the surrounding environment to move towards the story via cinematographic language and digital tools.

Confident in their creative power, children and young people become authors and actors of the present world and of the future to be built, and therefore prescribers and mediators for the adults around them.

The themes

The health-equity-sustainability triptych emanates from numerous preparatory exchanges with young people.

The stories evoke the relationship in a concrete way:

  •      to nature (sustainable development)
  •      to others (equity)
  •      to oneself (health, physical and mental)

and offer the technological challenge (camera, computer) as an active personal adventure to become an author and actor in one's own life and in the world to be built.



Questions asked
  • What are the solutions to fight concretely against the inequalities of
    treatment, what social, educational, cultural actions?
  • How can we invent a positive future for ourselves?
  • How can the environmental theme be taken into account
    by the greatest number, by the youngest and by the elders?
  • How to make the city of tomorrow a success through transition?
  • How to allow everyone to take their place?
  • How can children and young people be mediators of
    environmental and social cause with unconverted adults?