The Film in 9 Steps

Raising awareness, training children in cinema professions

Work with youth begins with a phase of training to the cinema professions but also a phase of sensitization to be able to perceive and feel the territory in all its cultural diversity and translate its stories by modern means of digitization.

We have created tutorials to help students and supervisors, on whom they can rely throughout the project.

Scouting, documentation, exchanges at home

Exchanges outside collective working hours are necessary for the collection of information.

It is by discussing with those around them that young people will discover initiatives to promote.

The investigation is taking shape.

Cinema and multimedia technical training follow-up
Filming of location books
Exchanges with other territories 

In parallel with the work of locating and documenting, the young people will get to know children from other territories. This is an opportunity for them to talk about the research already carried out. They draw inspiration from each other to dig and deepen their investigations.

Each child is trained and made aware of the cinema professions. Each student practices shooting, sound, editing in initiation mode. Then, gradually, the students specialize by competence affinity vis-à-vis the project.

Remote work
Writing and its validation by a synopsis
Pre-charter uniting the territories

The writing work is complementary to the location and research work.

It is a synthesis for each territory allowing to know the state of progress of the work for each one and also to know what is the nature of each identified initiative.


STEP 5 Shooting

When the shooting starts, the professional teams are present to shoot the film in the process of being done with the children.

STEP 6   Iinventory, selection, editing by young people
STEP 7   Professional assembly
STEP 8   Validation (FINAL CUT) of young people
STEP 9   Technical finishes