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O Garden of Paulo

Profile and activities

A retired teacher, lover of nature and Reunion's botanical treasures, Paulo Brigy designed this one-hectare educational garden, home to more than 300 plant species, as a place for observation and experimentation.

Located at the Tour des Roches, in Saint-Paul, he shares his knowledge with pleasure and enthusiasm.

An experimental, medicinal, food garden, a spice garden developed for

. promote a neglected botanical heritage,

. (re)familiarize yourself with forgotten cultural practices,

. recreate a strong link with the neighborhood through visits and exchanges,

. welcome schools and various groups around a theme,

. make a plant exchange,

. participate in various events on the island.

The garden is open for visits the first Saturday of the month, by appointment. Produce from the garden is on sale every Saturday at the Éperon organic market.


At the time of the movie


Etienne's gaze

Etienne, 18, from Le Tampon took part in the “Seeds of Hope” workshops.

He went back to see Paulo to take stock of the garden, along with Nathalie, animator at 6LABS.

“Since the filming of GRAINES D'ESPOIR, the garden has continued to evolve.

Paulo and the team of volunteers from the “Le jardin de Paulo” association continued to plant new species of trees and plants and to develop the premises, in particular to improve the reception of the ever-increasing number of visitors.

The diversity of creative workshops, offered by the team in addition to visits to the garden, allows the association to offer different services to schools or individuals (making seed mobiles, weaving coconut leaves, painting on pebbles , etc…).

The team continues to grow with the investment of visitors, more and more inclined to participate in the project and to give their time or share their know-how.

The apiary has expanded and some hives, some of which are privately sponsored, have even found their way to another space in the garden.

Without being catastrophic according to Paulo, cyclone Batsiraï did not spare the garden and some damage is to be deplored, without however having tainted the optimism or the motivation of the team. »

Etienne, May 2022.

Little video capsule of Paulo in his garden. Etienne shooting.

Focus on Dorothée and her apiary

Dorothée was a volunteer at Paulo's garden during the filming of GRAINES D'ESPOIR.

Since then, she has been able to find land, belonging to the Departmental Council, in the Tour des Roches sector in the municipality of Saint-Paul. She set up an educational apiary there which today welcomes classes and groups. It also provides animation times in schools which give rise to beehive installations in most establishments.

Dorothée was one of the referents of SEEDS OF HOPE in the meeting. She provided many information and awareness sessions, particularly on beekeeping.

Dorothée sees beekeeping as a reconnection to all of life. It endeavors to consider the bee other than as a domesticated animal intended solely to produce. Its approach to transmission makes it possible to know and understand all the forms of pollination provided by other insects and leads to respect for all insects that have this function.

Throughout the year, Dorothée works with around twenty schools.

Dorothee NINOTTA / 0292 14 77 12 / / Chemin du Tour des Roches 97460 Saint-Paul

Apiary “Around the hives” / School of nature

To follow the news of Paulo's garden, consult his account Facebook

You will find among others Paulo in his garden with Achille Amemoutou for the Jardins de Fond Imar.

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