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Mahavel Farm

Profile and activities

The organic farm of Dolaine and Max Fontaine is located in the heights of Petite Ile, on a plot of two hectares. As well as on an islet in the Plaine des Grègues for the cultivation of Turmeric.

Dolaine and Max are inspired by the principles of permaculture to lead a diversified organic market gardening which mixes fruit trees, ancient culture (Vetiver, Arrow-Root, Conflore) and a small breeding of Cabris Péi (goats Of the reunion).

A large part of their activity is devoted to processing: jams, syrups, cakes, Conflore and Arrow-Root flour, Turmeric, distillation of essential oils, etc.

Dolaine and Max have joined forces with other local farmers to create the AMApéi Mahavel (Association for the Maintenance of Péi Peasant Agriculture) where the products of their farm are sold, as well as the APPER (Association for the Promotion of Heritage and Ecology in Reunion).

The Mahavel farm welcomes trainees from agricultural training (in particular BPA and BPREA) as well as woofers all year round. An opening that is part of a process of transmission of ancient local knowledge and know-how brought up to date, while taking into account current agronomic advances. An agricultural approach based on a state of mind of autonomy, solidarity and intergenerational exchange.


At the time of the movie


Cyclone Batsirai at the start of the year caused heavy losses at the Mahavel farm, particularly in terms of avocados.

Olivier, Dolaine's son, left his activity to provide assistance on the farm.

Dolaine and Olivier remain positive and voluntary. The diversity of their cultures enabled them to avoid a catastrophic situation.

Each ordeal carries with it its lesson.

The young Etienne returns to the Mahavel farm to meet Dolaine and his son Olivier for an inventory after the passage of cyclone Batsirai.

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