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The CRFPA (Regional Agricultural Vocational Training Center) is the result of decentralized cooperation between the Itasy Madagascar Region and the Aquitaine France Region.

The creation of an agricultural vocational training center had become both a necessity and a regional priority in view of the demands of the various actors in rural areas (farmers, supervisory and/or funding bodies, economic operators and state structures) .

The primary objective is to professionalize the agricultural world : train rural actors in different sectors and sectors, in order to be able to produce better and sell better in quantity and quality and, ultimately, train professionals capable of managing their farms.

The CRFPA ILOFOSANA aims to be the launching pad for actors and professional rural development projects in Madagascar, to be the "crossroads" where the various development actors (farmers, students, technicians, researchers, professionals, operators organizations, supervisory and financing bodies, technical services and local authorities) can meet.

At the time of the movie


The 20 agricultural learners (10 boys and 10 girls) who worked on SEEDS OF HOPE were around 18 years old when the film was shot.

A part of them have gone on agricultural installation projects, others have changed sectors.

Some participated in a National Young Farmer Settlement Program which didn't work. They found themselves on very difficult land to work, several days of trail from the centers of life. These young people have suffered from this situation in which they are, for some, indebted. A painful experience that they were able to tell thanks to the filming unit that was left to them after the film. (Their stories deserve to be brought to the attention of the general public but these being in Malagasy, we have not had the possibility for the moment to have them translated.)

A group of young learners is determined to ensure the tour of the film GRAINES D'ESPOIR throughout Madagascar, sometimes accompanied by the director. The screenings will take place mainly in the Alliances Françaises (23 spread throughout the country), but also in remote places, for schoolchildren during the day, and in village squares for public screening at night.
The youngsters are equipped with an autonomous projection unit.

The Île-de-France region has contributed financially to equipping the Malagasy structures that received assistance.

Focus on Franco Clerc
Malagasy assistant director on GRAINES D'ESPOIR, director himself, also author of comic strips, Franco Clerc has published several albums since the shooting of the film, and in particular Akamasoa, Father Pedro, humanity through action, co-signed with Raffaly, Etienne Léong and Nino (colriste) published by Des Bulles dans l'Océan.  Akamasoa tells how Father Pedro OROKA, an Argentinian Vincentian, who arrived in Madagascar, one of the 3 poorest countries in the world, succeeded in 25 years in building a city of 25,000 people with schools, high schools, university, hospitals and sports complexes on a open dump. Through hard work and stubbornness he rescued thousands of people from extreme conditions and designed a society based on the effort of all for the benefit of the collective. Nominated for the 7th time in 2021 for the Nobel Prize, this is the incredible story of this man who could have been a bad boy or a professional footballer and who devotes his life to building for the most deprived. The Pope, of whom he was a seminarian student, visited him in October 2019. A strong testimony, full of anecdotes about an exceptional man.


CRFPA ILOFOSANA Former Regional School Antanetimboahangy

Analavory 117 Miarinarivo Itasy- MADAGASCAR Region

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