Educational institutions

To support your approach to raising awareness of sustainable development, awakening to citizenship and commitment, or in the pursuit of an already more advanced project, GRAINES D'ESPOIR is a work support that will enhance your educational actions and allow for young people to make their voices heard and to seize their power to act!

Associations - Collectives - Institutions

If ecological transition, social justice and the power of youth to act are at the heart of your activities, or if they are part of your concerns, GRAINES D'ESPOIR can allow you to unite your members and users around the values of sharing and openness.


Whether your company is part of the ESS (Social and Solidarity Economy), whether you want to deepen or initiate an awareness-raising process with your colleagues, your employer, GRAINES D'ESPOIR can be the opportunity to (re) energize your teams around rewarding projects.

You can also financially support the film

- by offering cinema tickets to certain audiences (students, disabled, remote, disadvantaged audiences, etc.) or to your employees,

- by organizing sessions.


If you want to draw the attention of your elected officials to the challenges of tomorrow, or if, as elected officials, you are keen to mobilize your fellow citizens on these issues, you can use SEEDS OF HOPE as a tool for reflection and the transition discussions!