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Pierre Rabhi talks with the children

Pierre Rabhi visits the children of “the children's farm” as a neighbor The filming with Pierre Rabhi ended our work with the children of “the farm of the children.
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Help the dissemination of "Seeds of Hope"

YOUTH POWER TO ACT In collaboration with the 6LABS association Three types of action are possible. 1 / Bring your seeds Share your stories, your experiences but also your
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Claire's trailer

Bravo to the 332 children and young people who participated, in the North as in the South and bravo Claire for this 1st Trailer. Thanks to everyone who helped us
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Shooting with José Garcia

This Friday, October 12, for the two classes in Grenoble, the time came for the shoot with José Garcia. We started with the children of the Bizanet school who welcomed him
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Living in confinement with Japanese anime from studio Ghibli

Confinement, a time to immerse yourself in the animated films of Hayao Miyazaki from studio Ghibli At a time when the questioning of our lifestyles is
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It's all about love

As part of the filming of "seeds of hope", on a visit to the agricultural school of Saint Paul, in Reunion, Ernest Bègue talks about his passion: plants. He reconnects
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What would we do without the internet?

What would we do without the internet? How can we be “Free and Human in the Internet Age? »(1) This is an opportunity to ask all of us, as a family, the right questions. During this
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