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Help the dissemination of "Seeds of Hope"

YOUTH POWER TO ACT In collaboration with the 6LABS association Three types of action are possible. 1 / Bring your seeds Share your stories, your experiences but also your
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Claire's trailer

Bravo to the 332 children and young people who participated, in the North as in the South and bravo Claire for this 1st Trailer. Thanks to everyone who helped us
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Pierre Rabhi talks with the children

Pierre Rabhi visits the children of “the children's farm” as a neighbor The filming with Pierre Rabhi ended our work with the children of “the farm of the children.
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Shooting with José Garcia

This Friday, October 12, for the two classes in Grenoble, the time came for the shoot with José Garcia. We started with the children of the Bizanet school who welcomed him
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From Grenoble, Luna talks about confinement with humor and emotion

Luna is surrounded by her three sisters Tia, Mila and Anna and her parents Christophe and Estelle. Estelle testifies: "We respect the confinement completely, the girls do not
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From Madagascar, Kevin and Charles are worried about the evolution of the situation.

Founder of the “Village of Joy” school, Charles Mitsakis was born in Madagascar and has spent his entire teaching career in the French overseas departments and territories. Back home
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Anastasie, from Saint Louis in Reunion, from “Seeds of Hope” to “Fonnkèr Marmaye”.

In a second video, Anastasie gives her instructions with a lot of maturity. The video stopped but the sound did not. Listen to it carefully, it is full of wisdom and maturity.
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Dimitri Ouedraogo, from Burkina, describes the situation in the country on March 20.

On the morning of March 20, we communicated with Dimitri Ouedraogo, who accompanied “Seeds of Hope” in Burkina through his association “Vive l'Enfance aux Burkina”. He explains to us the
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Félicien, from the Bauges massif, in Savoy, is considering what to do next.

Video recorded on Day 8 of containment. Throughout the “Seeds of Hope” project, Félicien was very interested in directing. He is motivated to continue the experience at a distance with
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Lilia, from the Ardèche, talks about her daily life and shows her living environment.

This video was recorded on March 18, Day 2 of containment. Lilia lives in the countryside, she goes for a walk in the immediate vicinity of her accommodation. The rules
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Esma, from Grenoble, Olympic Village district, describes the situation of her confinement.

This video was recorded on Day 9 of containment. Esma gives her recommendations. She says she is living "a 6 week long weekend" and talks about the problem of
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Being a child in Rwanda in April 1994

On April 7, 1994, 26 years ago today, the genocide of the Tutsis began in Rwanda. What did it mean to be a child in Rwanda during this period? We worked
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